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Well it's past April 1st and still no apartments are ready to rent. Supposedly the a/c units have been purchased but I still haven't seen them, and they definitely haven't been installed.

Had the court hearing for me "eviction" and had it dismissed on Monday. Hopefully instead of trying to evict me again they will decide it's better to just meet with me and my attorney to settle these issues like adults.

Mike painted apartment E last Wednesday. He hasn't opened the apartment since, hasn't removed the tape, and it's been HOT. Good luck with that. Haven't seen him do any work since Thursday, when he was using his tractor and chainsaw to bother Patricia and make small headway on ONE of the rubber tree stumps. I started taking pictures because he hit the roof twice with the bucket; he took a pic of me took before he left.

Lame. At least the lawn man came and despite the holes in my lawn it looks MUCH better.

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ooh more fun

the water was off! i dont use the water and then i go to water the roses and no pressure! now the water is back on but you cant do that! you cant not notify the tenants!

chad talked to one of the guys working for mike and he said he's burned up three sawzall blades trying to work on these trees. not a one is done. what a waste! of money AND time. not to mention these guys dont have gloves or glasses or any sort of protection. what sort of liability are you looking for??

skip loaned that guy something sharp and a sledge hammer to try to help. what if the guy cut off his finger? or worse? geez.

the ridiculousness never ends.

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mike drama journal

well came home today with a yellow constable notice on my door. again. called and found out I'm getting "an eviction action" from "the Hansberger trust" and made arrangements to get served tomorrow morning.

how can my own trust sue me?
i digress.

mike is finally getting some work done. rather, the three men he working for him are getting work done. we still have stumps and dirt that has been around forever and now they have resorted to using a sawzall. these stumps are huge. good luck. instead of cutting them out of the dirt, why not rinse the dirt off? just an idea.

the concrete he poured friday is a disaster. he barely dug in an hour before the concrete truck showed up. it wasnt level, it hadnt been soaked, he drove the tractor through it, a whole bunch of stuff. as soon as it gets hot enough, i'm sure it will crack. what a waste. and for what? my best guess is something to do with the a/c but i still havent seen anything yet.

jay must be close to coming to town if mike is finally pushing to get things done. i mean, its been since january and you havent readied a single apartment. but sure, any effort is appreciated.

i still dont understand why he keeps driving his tractor (front loader?) on the lawn! today he used it to move rolls of carpet and then another trip for a refrigerator. why have all these men if you cant use them? cant you use a dolly? oh well. the lawn is already ruined. go ahead and pay to get it releved, too.

more soon.

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We run this mutha...

Dear  LJ.
Forgive any errors, first entry with swype.

I'm about to give up on Tony. I guess it must have been way less serious than I thought. It was fun while it lasted but we haven't had a meaningful conversation in six days and we were supposed to hang out last night. No call, no show and it's already late tonight. I'm not pushing.

Besides, I've been having a great weekend anyway. Earl's Friday night, pool Saturday, fed Fred and watched movies, then homework, cleaning, and nap today with a fabulous dinner by Chef Fred.

If boys are free, so'm I.

Who run the world? Girls!

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the rains have stopped.

saw him Saturday night late. I like talking in the dark. its cuddly. we confirmed that he will be deploying february, maybe march. its too soon to worry about but its there already, tugging at my neurons. he did, however, act totally interested in going to SD with me for my exam. Roadtrip!

saw him today midday. I wonder if he might soon tire of me. it was super hot today, maybe he was just extra tired.

I'm still happy though. he's still awesome. we went through pictures of all his deployments, except when he was stationed in Japan (I'm sure because his ex was there). his smile is so amazing. and just through pictures I am falling in love with his daughter and son. they are adorable little nerds.

I think I really must consider that he is my boyfriend. while this makes me happy in all sorts of good ways, it also makes me want to scream and run the other direction as quickly as possible. I am so bad with that.

good night, LJ.

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Tony came over Thursday night and I made him dinner and a mini pineapple upside down cake in honor of his birthday. we watched parts of the first episode of Game of Thrones. he left very late. it was super hard to get up and go to work Friday!

I had a shit-eating grin all day. :-D

Friday night I was home alone since Marty picked Joss up from school and kept her all weekend. had a couple of beers, watched tv, missed him, but eventually crashed out. late, again.

Saturday I slept in, recuperating from lack of sleep and illness, I suppose. closed work shorthanded. decided to go out to Earl's since he was asleep looong before I even got off work. met an Irish (from Ireland. 100% authentic.) guy. in Yuma. crazy, right? was polite but then someone I knew (Fred) came and I spent the rest of my time with him.

at the bar we vowed to go finish off the Captain we had previously (several months ago) opened together. so we hung out after last call, watched Planet Terror and got shitty as all hell. I haven't laughed so hard in ages! good times. I kept making fun of him for drinking Jack because it made him a cowboy surfer. "yeehaw, dude."

and although I had to lie in bed most of today to recover, it is so nice to have my buddy back! we have plans to eat some linguica Friday that he brought home from San Diego.

but I do miss my Tony and hope I can see him tomorrow between getting off work and picking up Joss.... four days is a long time.

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beware... excessive gushing

so this guy is pretty damn awesome. he's going to ("probably" which I think means "definitely") going to deploy again in March which is kind of freaking me out. but I can deal with that later, right?

date #1: we met at the bar but he was there with a bunch of guys. he heard me say I was going to the diner afterward and he joined me there. we stayed up talking til 5am.

date #2: sneak-a-date to LZ after closing at work. met one of his friends who later took a cute pic of us. :) respectfully declined his invitation for a first kiss. hehe

date #3: delicious dinner at Outback, two Sam Adams. X-Men. then Applebee's and an Amber Bock. then lots of making out! so worth waiting for.

date #4: met up to go for a walk. did a circuit at Smucker and then explored West Wetlands. sat and talked til it got too hot. went back to his place and watched him cook and get ready for work. so hot in his uniform... bonus!

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You and I Both

I've been addicted to Jason Mraz lately... and I had almost forgotten this song....

Others only read of the love...Collapse )
And watching/listening to Toca and Jason Mraz makes me extra blissfully happy. (You and I starts 50 seconds in.... http://youtu.be/9e-J-EtJfXY)

and I'm learning this one.... :) youtu.be/5DcyBZpTw9Y

I know I'm just extra giddy so I'm trying not to get out of control... but I'm totally lovin life in this moment. :D


date was perfect!

beers and dinner at outback. x-men at harkins. another beer at applebees. serious make out sesh. crushing so hard.

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gonna have a date tomorrow.... must find a sitter! lol

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