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mike drama journal

well came home today with a yellow constable notice on my door. again. called and found out I'm getting "an eviction action" from "the Hansberger trust" and made arrangements to get served tomorrow morning.

how can my own trust sue me?
i digress.

mike is finally getting some work done. rather, the three men he working for him are getting work done. we still have stumps and dirt that has been around forever and now they have resorted to using a sawzall. these stumps are huge. good luck. instead of cutting them out of the dirt, why not rinse the dirt off? just an idea.

the concrete he poured friday is a disaster. he barely dug in an hour before the concrete truck showed up. it wasnt level, it hadnt been soaked, he drove the tractor through it, a whole bunch of stuff. as soon as it gets hot enough, i'm sure it will crack. what a waste. and for what? my best guess is something to do with the a/c but i still havent seen anything yet.

jay must be close to coming to town if mike is finally pushing to get things done. i mean, its been since january and you havent readied a single apartment. but sure, any effort is appreciated.

i still dont understand why he keeps driving his tractor (front loader?) on the lawn! today he used it to move rolls of carpet and then another trip for a refrigerator. why have all these men if you cant use them? cant you use a dolly? oh well. the lawn is already ruined. go ahead and pay to get it releved, too.

more soon.

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